Areas of Expertise

Strength & Conditioning for Sports performance

Weight loss

strength training


Christina Kajla 


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • BS Biology
  • Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, American Council on Exercise
  • Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist, Functional Range Systems
  • Functional Movement Systems Levels 1&2
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition


Christy grew up with dance, transitioned into running and then into lifting heavy.

She loved the role fitness took in her life and decided to become a certified personal trainer.

After sustaining injuries and experiencing old injury flare ups, she dove into the facet of fitness that explored movement patterns, range conditioning, and how to bring the body into ultimate alignment and function.

She is passionate about helping people move well, alleviate pain, and reach their athletic and fitness goals.

She currently rock climbs as often as she can and you’re sure to find her at one of our local North Coast crags.