Areas of Expertise

Movement and mobility

Martial Arts



Erik Lindberg-Hernandez


  • Certification 
  • NASM personal trainer
  • Brazilian Jiu jitsu Brown belt


My journey into health and fitness started a little later in life. After spending my teenage years eating poorly, not exercising, and generally not feeling good about myself I decided I needed a change. Always loving cheesy things like action and martial arts movies, pro wrestling, and fighting anime I decided to take a chance and began training in hopes that one day I could be like that. I started lifting weights and training in mixed martial arts and found what I love to do. Through the transformation of my own life, I have been able to help others transform theirs as well and find out what they can accomplish. Whether it’s a child finding their inner strength, a parent taking control back of their mind and body, or a person with Parkinson’s punching their way forward in life, I can help. My focus on finding health, wellness, and strength(inside & out) where we are at in life in the body we have will keep us feeling good, moving well, and grooving on!