Areas of Expertise

Strength training  

Functional Fitness



Patrick Nakashima


  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from San Diego State University
  • ACE CPT in progress


Patrick is a compassionate, uplifting and supportive trainer who wants to help you bring your health and fitness goals to life. 10 years of competitive gymnastics, a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from San Diego State, 3 years of experience as a physical therapy aide as well as 1 year of experience in a primary care setting has made Patrick an outstanding reference regarding health and fitness. He has developed his training style through his own pursuit of optimal physical health which combines weight training, bodyweight training and flexibility in order to build strength without compromising range of motion. Whether you are a newcomer to the gym or returning from a long hiatus, a dedicated fitness enthusiast, or just looking to improve your overall strength and well being, Patrick will work with you where you are at to help you achieve your goals. He is currently in the process of completing his ACE CPT as well as his EMT certification.