Sweat and Sculpt

Outdoor/Virtual: Zoom Link - https://zoom.us/j/99366475579?pwd=eHkyVlpsLzFRRGZHYUtpWHFSYjlHZz09 Sweat & Sculpt is a class that combines cardio (Sweat) with strength training (Sculpt) using various tools such as weights, bands, and body weight for an optimal fat burning workout.

High Fit

Outdoor/Virtual: Zoom Link - https://zoom.us/j/98819192585?pwd=d0lMNWtlejZ0Y3NORVYyOWhsMW4rdz09 HIGH fitness has brought aerobics back in a hip and unique way! Think Old School Aerobics made Modern. Cardio and toning meets Jane Fonda with a side of Richard Simmons. You will have a blast, see real results both physically and mentally, and leave this class wanting more because it’s so much fun!