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Freezing Your Account:

Freeze requests must be received more than 5 days prior to billing date. All recurring payments already scheduled will be processed within the 5-day notification period.
Primary account holders can freeze any add-ons associated with their account.
Add-ons can freeze their account only.
The total amount of time permitted to freeze an account is 3-months per calendar year. You are only allowed one freeze at a time.*
There is a fee for each month you request to freeze for; $10 for individuals, $20 for a couple, $25 for a family membership. There will be no additional rejoining fees to begin using your membership once your freeze is removed. You are responsible for payment of the remainder of your prorated membership dues.
Please refer to your membership agreement for more information or stop by one of our locations and speak with a Service Desk representative.


*If you would like to extend your freeze, you must contact us at least 5-days prior to your reinstatement date.

Contact us at  (707) 267-7525.