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Strength & Conditioning for Sports performance

Weight loss

Muscle hypertrophy

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dave todd


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Parabolic Periodization for Olympic lifting & Sports Performance
  • Kinesiology BS- In progress


It all started when I refused to be an average athlete! Playing sports wasn’t just a hobby of mine, but a passion. I played football, lacrosse, and ran track in high school, as well as in college.  I knew I had found my purpose when I refused to be an average athlete.

I began to do  research and studied how to become great.  I learned how to get faster, stronger, more explosive, and improve my abilities in everything I do. I grew to learn that proper preparation prevents poor performance! Everyone around me noticed my motivation and dedication to fitness. I Immediately started training and working out with the athletes around me. That’s when I realized how much I loved helping others reach their true potential.

It’s genuinely the best feeling in the world to watch people improve no matter their age, and fitness goal. I decided to further my education by making kinesiology my major,  and I became certified in strength and conditioning, as well as becoming a personal trainer. I’m here to help people looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or become the ultimate athlete. No matter what it is, or how difficult it may be, I’m here to help you! I want you to accomplish your goals by keeping it fun, exciting and most importantly by getting results!